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Cuban rum is made from sugar cane syrup and is world renowned for it's quality. The ageing process is carried out in white oak barrels, in the natural environment of the island with its humid, warm climate. Havana Club, founded back in 1878, is famous worldwide with its several classes; Silver Dry (white rum), 3 years, 5 years, 7 years and Old Reserve variants. Seven years old Havana Club rum is the cocktail makers favourite because of its quality, some drink it "on the rocks", and others prefer it straight. Typical Cuban rum cocktails are the Mojito, which North American writer Ernest Hemingway used to drink at the "Bodeguita del Medio", today it is almost a myth to drink there; the refreshing Daiquiri, a speciality of "El Floridita" restaurant; the traditional Cubalibre and the Havana Special or Cubata.

To prepare a Mojito: mix 1-teaspoon sugar, ˝ lemon juice and a sprig of sweet mint leaf with ice cubes. Add 4cc Havana Club white rum, soda water and stir. And remember the key, is the stirring hand. Serve in a long glass.

To prepare a Cuba-Libre: mix ˝ lemons juice and coke with ice cubes. Add 4cc Havana Club. Serve in a long glass.

To prepare a Cubata: As the Cuba Libre but using 7 year Rum instead of Silver Dry. Serve in a long glass.

To prepare a Daiquiri: - Hemingway's favourite drink while hanging out in the "Floridita" old Havana. Brake the ice into small pieces using a blender, add lemon, a teaspoon of sugar and Silver dry rum. Top with a cherry if you have one! Serve in a champagne glass.


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